You Don't Want to Make These Mistakes in Your Cell Phone Repair Business

The retail landscape has drastically evolved and traditional methods are no longer effective. In this eBook, you will learn about common mistakes as pointed out by successful cell phone repair shop owners and how they can be fixed.

Should you focus on high profits or economy of scales?

Is hiring better than doing it yourself?

What should you look for when hiring an employee?

How customer-centric should your approach be?

Discover the 10 Common Mistakes Most Cell Phone Repair Shop Owners Unknowingly Make

In this ebook you will learn...

Making a Business Plan

Are they a necessary evil or can they be skipped to grow your business? 

Focus on Expenses

Secret recipe on what your end goals should be to help your increase your repair shop revenue.

High Profit vs Economy of Scales

Pros and cons of using the high profit formula and the economy of scales

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